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Michelle Hogan coordinating backstage


OVC Productions has taken pride in its visionary approach to crafting immersive and experiential environments. We communicate your vision through strategic innovation, vivid imagination, and proactive problem-solving for any challenge regardless of how complex or unconventional it might seem. Striving to exceed expectations is at the forefront of our mission,  creating events and spaces that go beyond the ordinary, seeking to engage all the senses and emotions of the participants.

For over 25 years, we have had the privilege to work with amazing clients creating partnerships that go well beyond the ballroom. Whether that's right in your backyard or 10,000 miles away - we will meet you anywhere.


The development of design should be just as rewarding as the actual event itself. At OVC Productions, we listen, we visualize, we collaborate, we produce, we deliver. The ultimate gratification: the culmination of ideas creates teamwork. Have an idea? Get ready to dig.


Our design method is this, evaluate the environment, anticipate the experience, and implement the vision. OVC Productions pushes to embody endless possibilities. Challenges create innovation and we thrive to define.


OVC Productions doesn’t just produce a party, a meeting, or an event. We create a space to engage and convey your message. We aim to foster creativity, curiosity, and enjoyment to carry your mission beyond the spark of the idea. We do more than just design; we deliver.


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Our Team

We are a team of dynamic individuals who are constantly thinking outside the box, innovating, and getting things done. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we strive to create amazing environments and powerful experiences. 

Michelle Hogan

Bringing The Vision to Life

An executive producer, creative director, and corporate industry professional for the last 25 years, Michelle brings considerable knowledge, insight, and creative energy to a wide variety of projects.

Michelle Hogan

Founder & Executive Producer

Driven to Coordinate Every Detail

With a background in business management and logistics, Vicki coordinates all elements involved in the event design process. Specializing in sourcing, budgets, and account coordination, she ensures all details are covered.

Vicki Thompson

Director of Operations

Vicki Thompson
Bailey Melton, Creative Designer

Transforming Ideas with Creative Execution

A graduate of Texas A&M, Bailey brings experience in graphic design and content creation. She is centric in the creative process, from proposal to execution, while bringing her unique flair to both. 

Bailey Melton

Production Assistant

A Perfectionist on Every Level 

Coming from a creative background, Brenda visualizes, sources, and builds out the design. Whether she is physically fabricating a centerpiece or creating hand-crafted details, there is nothing too far out of reach.

Brenda Neese

Floral Designer & Decorator

Brenda Neese, Floral Designer and Decorator
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